BioSynSys 2018

Welcome to the Web site of the 4th Conference of the French Research Group on Synthetic Biology

The conference will be held in INSA Toulouse, TOULOUSE,
from October 21st 2018 to October 24th 2018.


The conference is organized and supported by


We welcome any sponsoring for the conference. Please contact the organizers for any offer!


  Gilles Truan Jean-Loup Faulon
Phone +33567048813 +33134652771

For registration information, please contact the registration secretary :
Mrs. Patricia JARRY, BioSynSys18 Organization secretary
INSA SAIC, 135 Avenue de Rangueil
31077 Toulouse Cedex 4, France
Phone +33 (0)5 6155 9531, fax +33 (0)5 6155 9538

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